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Realising the true potential of your audio visual investment

Investing in new technology can incur significant investment, however the cost of not providing effective training for the people who need to use it can be far greater. To make the most of any audio visual technology users must feel inspired and confident to use it effectively and efficiently, thereby maximising the return in that investment.

Our carefully tailored, professional training solutions are designed to inspire and inform, ensuring every user has the skills and confidence to make the most from any system. Our professional trainers will ensure that all users have a thorough understanding of how the technology works and how best to operate and manage it. They will also be taught how to leverage the most effective use from it and how it can make their working life easier as a result.

A training support solution from Saville will result in better operational efficiency and also improved quality of presentations and meeting structure.

Empower users with new skills

Our tuition and support series courses provide detailed, informative and interactive experiences covering hardware and software including:

  • Digital Signage Training
  • Bespoke System & Applications Training 
  • Video Conferencing Training
  • Collaborative Technologies Training

All our in-person courses are fully tailored to suit client availability and can be arranged to be on premise or at a suitable off-site location, depending on the course content. 


Unity - virtual training rooms

Online learning powered by Convene


Bringing colleagues together for training can be a costly burden to an organisation, with travel and accommodation expenses plus lost productivity. It also causes unnecessary strain on work-life balance.

Training wherever, whenever

Unity virtual training rooms from Convene provide the ability to bring participants into live, high quality multi-user video training sessions. They are available for hire 24/7 regardless of location and all without the need for specialist equipment or technical expertise.

Unity allows organisations to rethink how training is delivered. 

Trainers share real time content and participants can ask questions live to the presenter and the rest of the group with real time chat. Attendees can review previous presentation slides during the session to clarify their understanding.

Global access

Presenters and participants anywhere in the world are connected via Convene software available for Windows, iOS and Android devices. Using a device that is familiar reduces support issues and increases participant adoption, with everyone receiving high quality video, content and audio. 

Training sessions can be recorded allowing the creation of a valuable archive of key training activities. As part of a staff training strategy, Unity allows participants access to the resources at a time convenient to them. 

Those with hardware based videoconferencing solutions can also join sessions with Convene’s superior cross platform interoperability.

To discover how Unity virtual training rooms could benefit your organisation, please complete the form and one of the Unity team will contact you directly.

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