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Convene – simplifying videoconferencing 

Saville Convene managed services is a dedicated video conferencing and telepresence managed service from the UK’s leading video conferencing and telepresence integrator. With a wide range of services built around your specific business needs, not hardware capabilities. They can grow with your communication network providing state of the art video communication to a strategic budget.

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Modern videoconferencing technology is simpler and more flexible than ever, with a multitude of options available including software and dedicated hardware options. High capital equipment costs can discourage many organisations from installing and managing a bespoke solution. This can be especially true for first time adopters.

With the introduction of cloud-based video, Saville Convene managed video services enables you to outsource your videoconferencing facilities, dramatically reducing capital investment whilst increasing flexibility. Now you can enjoy all the benefits of face-to-face HD visual communications on demand, with easy operation that means more of your people will feel confident using it, assuring raised levels of productivity.

Flexible working

As more and more organisations take advantage of the wide availability of applications on mobile devices such as the iPad, Convene delivers high quality video communications wherever and whenever to enable true 24/7 mobility.

Mobile, laptop and PC applications are consolidated to enable seamless visual communications whether it’s back to the office to collaborate with colleagues or engineers in the field to see events as and when they happen.

Multisite Communications

No matter what your communication environment or application is (Meeting Room, Class Room, Lecture Theatre, Surgery, PC, Laptop, iPad etc.) we can help you to communicate and collaborate with larger groups of colleagues as if you were all in the same room. Convene offers virtual meeting rooms that allow you to meet your colleagues  24/7 without pre-booking. Multiple locations can each take a seat in the virtual room and each attendee will see and hear all other locations to enable seamless multisite meetings. Our virtual rooms are totally flexible allowing the number of seats to be expanded when required, enabling you to grow your system to suit your changing requirements.


Convene offers a flexible range of dedicated secure and robust connectivity solutions allowing you to find the one that is right for you. As your communication infrastructure grows so does Convene ensuring end to end quality and compatibility for all our clients.

Public Access

Connect to the Convene data centre across the public internet. This is ideal for organisations that have a smaller number of systems on the public internet or in the corporate DMZ.

Private Network

Seamlessly use Convene to connect to systems within your protected network via our secure firewall traversal solution. This is ideal for organisations with multiple systems requiring a greater level of security.

Dedicated Video Network

Utilise our Convene service to give you a dedicated network for your video systems, cutting down impact to your data network and security. This is ideal for organisations which require higher levels of call quality, security, bandwidth and reliability, all running over a separate overlay video network.

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