Asset Management

asset management

When your company inventory consists of hundreds of physical AV assets, it’s important to know their operating condition and where they are located. From computers, projectors and display screens to videoconferencing and collaboration equipment, the ability to identify, track, monitor and control assets is critical to realising your company’s financial productivity.

Asset Tagging 

Asset inventory and control systems help you manage your physical asset capital and allow you to make more informed decisions regarding physical inventory, such as when to repair or replace items. It also helps you track and prevent theft of your assets.

Other benefits of using an asset management system with asset tags include:

  • Reduced equipment downtime through better planning
  • Prevention of theft and enhanced security of equipment
  • Assistance with future compliance requirements

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring of managed AV assets is a key extension to providing increased efficiencies of installed systems. Using the latest management software systems from world leading manufacturers such as Crestron and AMX, Saville technical service teams can remotely monitor the operation pf your AV assets in real-time.

This enables the prompt reporting and identification of any issues with equipment, cabling or software programming leading to swift and efficient remedial maintenance action.

By embracing the opportunities provided by a comprehensive asset management and performance monitoring structure, organisations can archive significant savings on operational costs. Equipment downtime and associated reductions to system performance can be minimized whilst maximizing availability of facilities. 

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