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New observation suites for London research experts

Sutherland Innovation Labs are part of an international research company, a global provider of business process and technology management services. 

Sutherland Labs

Working closely with many of the world’s most famous brands, the company combines two powerful disciplines to improve the customer experience. 

Saville was commissioned to equip the company’s five storey converted warehouse in Covent Garden to host three research studios, each consisting of a pair of rooms. 

Testing is conducted in one room, while observers in the second room view what’s happening in research sessions, via cameras and a computer feed. 

Meeting rooms, a media room and a break room were also equipped with the ability to view camera images and computer feeds from the system.

Sutherland Labs

Technical Brief

The company’s technical brief was extensive and highly specific. The objective was to relay and capture research sessions, from one-to-one sessions to larger focus groups or workshops, as HD video with good audio reproduction and flexible signal routing around the building. 

The recordings need to be available to give to the observers at the end of the sessions, typically on a USB memory stick. A key factor is the need for clear, crisp high-quality audio of participants’ speech in the recordings and through the speakers to the observation rooms. 

The microphone audio, camera systems, signal routing and recording had to be easy and straightforward to control via a touch screen, tablet or computer with keyboard and mouse.

Sutherland Labs


An additional requirement called for live streaming to external viewers plus the ability to stream sessions out to an external media server located in a data centre.


Work commenced in October 2014 and was completed in November 2014 - on time and within budget. 

The heart of the system is an AMX Matrix Switcher, which utilises a CAT6A network infrastructure, installed by the main site contractor. We provided drawings to indicate exact positions of the various network and power points required by cameras, input panels and displays. 

Sutherland Labs

Our Project Manager worked closely with the main contractor with regard to bespoke bulkheads and access panels, designed to hide and optimise the positioning of the AV equipment. 

Due to the nature of the building, cable routing was difficult and great care was taken to ensure a tidy installation. An existing on-site rack was used for the AV equipment, due to its size and location. The rack was populated and wired on-site to a very high standard.


The client was very happy with the end results and appreciative of our efforts to liaise with them regarding challenging aspects of the install. This included proactive suggestions for better solutions, with re-positioning of cameras and displays.

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