A tasty boardroom – it has to be Heinz

One look at the colour scheme might tell you whose boardroom this is – it has to be Heinz!

One of the world’s most trusted names, the company was established in 1869 by two young Americans who launched Heinz & Noble, with their ‘pure and superior’ grated horseradish.

Ninety years later Heinz opened its Beans factory in Wigan. It uses 1,000 tonnes of dry beans every week and Heinz is now one of the world’s four biggest food brands. Over the past ten years, Saville has provided the company with audio visual equipment and services, including basic AV presentation and sound systems in meeting rooms and visitor facilities.

During this period, a working relationship has been built, to the point where Saville was this year entrusted with the refurbishment and upgrading of the boardroom presentation facilities.

This even included the insertion of concealed laptop connector panels in the historic boardroom table – supplied to commemorate a royal visit in the company’s centenary year – plus a bespoke rack cabinet finished in Pippy Oak to match the table!

Fully integrated

We installed a new, fully integrated presentation system which incorporates twin plasma screens for displaying the existing videoconferencing facility. For presentations, a motorised projection screen lowers in front of the plasma screens at the touch of a button – activating the projector which is mounted at the back of the room. Selecting videoconferencing retracts the screen, switching off the projector and operating the HD conferencing system.

Presentations can now incorporate inputs from up to five laptops, DVD or videoconferencing, all accessed via an AMX Modero wireless touch screen. The AMX Netlinx controller is fitted in the cabinet together with the Saville professional PA amplifier.

A further AMX NXT-CV7 wired control panel has also been added to the system.

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