Derby hospitals NHS foundation trust

At Derby, we installed fifty Saville Multi-Touch 55” interactive LED screens* with six-point touch facility and integral slot-in PCs. These are used to manage clinical workflow, using the UK market leading Extramed 3 Patient Flow manager software from Hospedia. This provides auditable and accurate data regarding patient locations as well as bed status information and helps improve operational responses to infection outbreak. Tracing patient movements and identifying points of contact quickly reduces the time between outbreak and the implementation of effective isolation.

Lancashire NHS Trust

At Lancashire, the system previously comprised manually updated dry wipe boards, marker pens and paperwork. An initial installation of 24 screens included a mix of 55”, 46” and 42” touch monitors with embedded PCs. Some are wall mounted and some on height adjustable trolleys. Each includes a webcam, keyboard and mouse plus a wi-fi USB pendrive. The screens are used for Microsoft Lync as well as the bed management system. This allows consultants to speak to staff on the ward remotely.

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